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  • India Tours 17.01.2014

    The most luxurious and the superfast trains to Agra are ideal to enjoy the journey as a whole with the family members to spend a day in overwhelming happiness. Needless to say about the exciting places that are surrounding Agra and also the interesting landmarks on the way to Agra and in Agra as well. Taj mahal is the most supreme choice of all that and the world knows it. It is in the banks of river Yamuna. All the four sides of taj mahal are just alike. Hence, you will just feel like you are seeing the same side all the time. Fresh breeze hits you from the closes water body and it is a nice feel during the summer in essential.
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    The image of the shadow of the Taj mahal in the river Yamuna is something that is quite amazing and wonderful. The thought out creativity in the creators has to be appreciated at any given day. It is why millions of tourists flurry in even now to enjoy and surmise about the flabbergasting piece of architecture. Fatehpur skiri is one another monumental beauty spot. It is actually a whole city which is constructed deliberately to showcase the pride and richness of the ancient MoghulEmpire.

    Rulers of the ancient past here boasted about their rich pride, culture and heritage in a subtle manner with their noble creations of this kind. It is why they are etched in our memories all until now. People born and die and their identity is eroded in the mud. Only a few such remarkable people in the history are remembered for ever by the whole of the human kind that is coming even after centuries together and it is just because of what they had left for the upcoming generation. Role models of such a kind teach us a lesson about life. It is why visiting such places are important by all means.

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