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    While travelling in India, sometime we are not able to carry that outfit which we comfortably do in our house. This is because still major of Indians thinking is very limited, they think that if women wear western dress then they are killing our culture and don’t belong to good family. Guys this is true, and my personal opinion is to wear covered dress while travelling in India. This may reflects that I am old fashioned or conservative, may be but I am telling this due to my experience and listening people advise on dress. We can’t change their narrow mind but by dressing Indian apparel we must be safe in this country. Believe me or not here if we dress soberly then people will pay respect to us and carry good impression about us. Women often face molestation in our society due to their dressing style. Western dresses are considered as offensive to society and it also give men the intention that women are ready for any type of sexual treat.
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    I used to wear jeans and kurti or long top while I travel. These are safe and comfortable but while I was traveling to my village then I carried salwar suit. Therepeople think that jeans are for men and all girls should wear salwar suits. If I have dressed any western outfit then many people would have been blamed my mother and thinks that I have been spoiled and lack dressing sense. India is not that country where we can dress freely. Depending on place dress changes such as in metro Politian city Delhi and Mumbai all girls comfortably carry any type of outfits without any hesitation. But in some interior areas of India, women don’t even take off palus from their head. So before going anywhere in India just gathers knowledge about their basic dress code and travel that place without any humiliation.

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