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  • World News 31.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON:As a new finding, a minimum of nearly 44000 primary school kids were recorded to have gain access to pornographic website in a single month alone. As per the records every 1 in 35 of 6 to 11 year olds in UK is going online and talking about under 16’s, the figure is about 2 lakhs i.e. 1 in 16 youngsters of that age group went online in the same month.
    British School children Being Advance in Accessing Porn Online
    The Authority for Television on Demand (“ATVOD”) published a report via video on demand regulator and provided the most convincing and authoritative pictures yet established the children’s exposure to porn.ATVOD gave a call to the government to take a serious action in this regard to protect kids from the exposure to hard-core porn online. The action of these kids were been tracked by their laptops or desktops in December, 2013.

    When talked about the under 18 boys, 1 in 5 of them was found clicking on the porn websites from their Personal computer and an adult site which serves unrestricted, free access to thousands of hard-core porn videos – that attract nearly 112000 of the teenagers.

    There are many free (unrestricted access) and unregulatedoffshore adult services to hard-core porn with no age restriction which includes 23 out of 25 porn sites are easily accessible from the UK. Technology and techniquesapproximately analogous to those used to measure TV audiences were deployed, having a 45,000 UK internet users panel.

    ATVOD chair Ruth Evans said, “We do not advocate censorship. There is nothing in the ATVOD Rules which interferes with the right to provide sexually explicit material to an adult online. But pornography is a product which is produced and designed for use by adults, not children. The law requires that UK on demand services keep such material out of reach of minors and we are committed to ensuring that UK providers of video on demand services comply with the statutory rules. But we have no control over services that come from outside the UK.”

    The finding disturbed nearly 43% of the parents who have parental controls installed on the netbook; laptopor PC’s used by their children at home.

    More than 9 million people in the UK accessed an adult website at least once from a PC or laptop in December – one in four of those in the UK who went on-line by that route. They spent more than 1.4 billion minutes on the sites, averaging 15 minutes a visit and typically spending two and a half hours over 10 visits.

    In order to protect children from such sites Atvod said there should be the change in laws. It said, “Sites that did not comply with legislation by carrying out age checks should be forbidden from processing payments from British customers”.

  • World News 27.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON: In order to prevent the growing number of unwanted pregnancies in teens, the schools of UK have been advised to make condoms and morning-after pills freely available to the teenage girls.
    Free Contraceptives to be given to UK Schoolgirls

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) set up the new guidelines according to which individuals under the age of 25 should be able to access emergency contraception more readily, including the IUD (intrauterine device, or coil) and pills. According to the statement given by the NICE, In Europe, England has the highest teen pregnancy rates, though under-18 conception rates have fallen.

    Commissioners of services in England got an advice from NICE to give access to contraception to all young people even at the convenient locations so that the service is not denied due to the location where they live.

    Director of the Centre for Public Health at NICE, Prof. Mike Kelly said, “It is really important that sexual health services offering information and advice can be found in places where young people have access to them”. He further said, “Evidence clearly shows that the availability of contraception reduces the rate of unwanted pregnancies. Local planners and providers of services must make sure that what they offer is right for their area,”

    The guidelines says that it should be informed to the young women that the more effective form of emergency contraception is an intrauterine device instead of the oral method. It can be used on an on-going basis.

    Kelly said, “Young people often find contraceptive services and advice difficult to locate. This can be for a number of reasons. They may not know where services are, who provides them or when they are open”. He further added, “They can also be wrongly worried that information they give may not be treated confidentially. For that reason, this guidance focuses on ensuring they receive culturally sensitive, confidential, non-judgemental and empathic advice and support tailored to their individual needs”

    Most of the recommendations made in the new guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence won’t cost anything in its implementation. The existing services need to be looked upon whether the support and advise the young generation want is been given to them or not.


  • World News 25.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON:Geoge Mallory’s ice axe which he used in his Everest expedition in the year 1922 is on sale and Britishers are trying their level best to save it from leaving shores of Britain.It auction of the axe was recently announced by Christie.
    Geoge Mallory's Everest trek axe on sale
    The 1st serious attempt to climb the Everest was held in 1922. During the mission, Mallory with Howard Somervelland Major Edward Norton set the 1st altitude record on Everest on May 21, 1922. They reached a height of 26,800 feet, without the use of any supplementary oxygen.

    His, another attempt with partner Andrew Irvine was on June 8th, 1924 when he covered a height of 26,700 feet on Everest. Momentarily they were seen about 1,000 feet below the summit after which the monsoon clouds moved in and both of them disappeared forever. It was in 1933 that his axe was found andMallory’s body was discovered in 1999.

    They left an unsolved question in the records of History, whether Irvine and Mallory climb Everest before Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary?
    In the view of UK’s mountaineering community, Mallory’s axe being the part of British history’must be kept in Britain’. The community is worried that it will be bought by the US buyer.
    After when he disappeared on Everest, it is believed that Ruth, his wife donated a few of his equipment to the Pinnacle Climbing Club – the first women’s climbing club. It was formed at a time when mountaineering was very much a male preserve.Nancy Carpenter, a pioneering mountaineer (with a few routes in the Scottish Highlands and Alps to her credit) and an early member of the club got the possession of the axe.
    Nancy moved to Matterdale End in the Lake District, in her 80’s, where she actively encouragedWilliam, the son of her neighbours (a family from Threlkeld)formountaineering and Lakeland fells and gave him the axe in order to save his money to buy for an ice axe. She told his the story behind that axe to make him realize how much importance that axe hold, but unfortunately he was killed in 1985 in a traffic accident. After which his family decided that the most appropriate place for the axe was National Mountaineering Exhibition.

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