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    The best part of British rule in India is their most useful invention- Train. As India is one of the populated country in world and problem of road traffic is increasing day by day and airlines services is not affordable to everyone, in this rail service is like blessing to common people. Train journey is comfortable, economic and exciting. Across India, there are more than hundred types of trains based on location and cost of fare. A standard long distance Indian train includes approximately 24 coaches or boogies. Every boogie has its name for the convenience of passengers. As per cost of ticket, coaches are divided into general class (unreserved); sleeper class and Air Conditioned (AC) class both are reserved. There is also VIP class with some extra facility for respected persons. For big luggage brake van is attached at the back of each train. Indian Railway System also provides pantry car with the help of which meal, snacks, coffee, tea and food are served inside train by taking extra money from passengers.
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    Non-stop trains of India are Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express and Janshatabdi Express. Except Janshatabdi Express both includes all coaches of AC and in cost of ticket food is offered at our seat. Rajdhani meaning is “capital” and it is for Delhi and some reputed cities. Shatabdi meaning is “centenary” and it connects many significant cities of country. Shatabdi is super-fast day train which doesn’t include any sleeping berth. Duronto are faster than Rajdhani and are overnight non-stop train. Janshatabdi also include non-AC coaches and price of fare is less than other non-stop trains. For the sake of students and people who don’t have capability to pay AC fare can enjoy AC journey in Garibrath train at the price of non-AC fare. Metros and monorails are for metro cities of India and are for city transport. Passenger and fast passenger trains are of low-priced and stops at many stations.

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