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    Agra is one inevitable place to be visited during your tour to India. One of the world wonders is here and it is obviously the Taj mahal. Actually there are many more monuments that are also available here that are actually a great replica of the rich cultural past of the ancient Indians. Tour operators take you there to the spot and bring you back to your lodges where you stay for affordable prices too.
    taj mahal

    The city of Agra is one of key tourist destinations in the whole country. Taj mahal alone pulls in almost 4 million tourists in a year, to the city of Agra. Taj mahal is a beautiful white palace made out of marble in the year 1632, by the great emperor shah jahan. Mumtaz mahal is another name of the palace. Mumtaz is actually the beloved wife of shah jahan, the great. Apart from taj mahal, we have Agra fort, fatehpur -sikri, jamma masjid and many other interesting places to visit here.

    Sightseeing the city could be made easier when you are finding the right travel agent to assist you. Some of the famous resorts out here are offering all-inclusive packages for the tourists from all over the world. If you get your bookings done well in advance over phone or mail, with these prominent properties, you are taken care royally by all means. A lot of money is saved in that way by booking in advance. Right from the hospitality and entertainment inside the facility, your safety outside during the sightseeing, will also be taken care by these hotel officials.

    Remember the fact that this part of the world could be really hot for the European visitors, especially during the summer months. It is advisable that you travel around anywhere in between the months of September till March. Climate would be pleasant to enjoy during these months.

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