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  • World News 31.03.2014 Comments Off

    SEASIDE HEIGHTS (NEW JERSEY): According to a new proposal a thread of artificial islands present off the coast of New York and New Jersey could dull the storm surges impact which otherwise proved deadly during sandy superstorm.
    Storm Protection to be offered by artificial islands of NY
    It is a great proposal costing nearly up to $12 billion. Looking at the prospects of how to protect the East Coast which is heavily populated from forthcoming storms, federal officials requested many innovative ideas in this regard.

    A professor at New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology, Alan Blumberg said, “It can save lives and protect property.”

    The US department of housing and urban development sponsored a competition of which The “Blue Dunes” proposal is a part, which came up with innovative and inventive ways to of protection of Americans against the next big storm. Though it is one out of the 10 other projects which will be assessed estimated valued and voted on next week. However, it is still not sure whether the project will get the funding or not. Other ideas include re-establishing oyster colonies in tidal flats, building sea walls around cities to blunt waves and create recreational preserves, water-absorbent nature.

    The plan of artificial islands was created by Stevens Institute, along with West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and the WXY architectural firm. The idea behind its designing was to dull the effect of Sandy: the storm surge that pounded the coast.

    From New Hampshire to Maryland, New York and New Jersey alone claimed a total of approximately $79 billion in reimbursements. 159 deaths were been recorded due to the storm.

    Blumberg asked, “How do you protect New Jersey and New York at the same time from the storm of the future?” He further added, “Our idea is to build a chain of islands, like a long slender banana. The wave action and storm surge will reflect off these islands and go back out to sea rather than hitting the coast,” The distance of about 10-12 miles off the coast would be uninhabited, though fishing or surfing in the day trips may be allowed.

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