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    Yes, it is indeed true. Mystery about the Bermuda triangle is nothing but the magnetic pull at the end of the day from the biggest ever bar magnet, the earth. On the contrary, here is something that is made by man. The proud aspects of the human existence in the material world are proven by the pyramids, spinx, tombs, and so on. In that way, if you look into the golden triangle you have a range of attractions that are man-made. There are huge efforts of so many individuals behind it. There were human lives that have been sacrificed in the venture.
    jama masjid old delhi

    There were biggest painter, craftsmen, artisans, masons of the world that have contributed to the making of these beautiful landmarks. Agra, to mention first, has the Tajmahal, the best of the 7 wonders of the world. People from all over the world astound about its beauty and the brilliance of the ancestors. How they were able to implement such wonderful construction without the aid of any modern day cranes, forklift trucks, scavengers, and so on. How they were able to transport such huge amount of building materials from far and wide when there were no trucks or Lorries invented yet.
    jantar mantar jaipur

    Can elephants and horses alone be so useful to the mankind when we live friendly with the other creatures existing in the world in which we live? So many lessons of such a kind is taught to us when we see things a bit closer with an eye for detail. The marbles, sand stones, tombs and many more interesting arches asks us a lot of questions. So many other important landmarks are there in Agra, Rajasthan and Delhi, and it is why travelling to these three locations as a roundabout journey will be an interesting choice altogether. Enjoy your tour and make the most out of it.

  • The most luxurious and the superfast trains to Agra are ideal to enjoy the journey as a whole with the family members to spend a day in overwhelming happiness. Needless to say about the exciting places that are surrounding Agra and also the interesting landmarks on the way to Agra and in Agra as well. Taj mahal is the most supreme choice of all that and the world knows it. It is in the banks of river Yamuna. All the four sides of taj mahal are just alike. Hence, you will just feel like you are seeing the same side all the time. Fresh breeze hits you from the closes water body and it is a nice feel during the summer in essential.
    same day taj mahal tour

    The image of the shadow of the Taj mahal in the river Yamuna is something that is quite amazing and wonderful. The thought out creativity in the creators has to be appreciated at any given day. It is why millions of tourists flurry in even now to enjoy and surmise about the flabbergasting piece of architecture. Fatehpur skiri is one another monumental beauty spot. It is actually a whole city which is constructed deliberately to showcase the pride and richness of the ancient MoghulEmpire.

    Rulers of the ancient past here boasted about their rich pride, culture and heritage in a subtle manner with their noble creations of this kind. It is why they are etched in our memories all until now. People born and die and their identity is eroded in the mud. Only a few such remarkable people in the history are remembered for ever by the whole of the human kind that is coming even after centuries together and it is just because of what they had left for the upcoming generation. Role models of such a kind teach us a lesson about life. It is why visiting such places are important by all means.

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    Agra is one inevitable place to be visited during your tour to India. One of the world wonders is here and it is obviously the Taj mahal. Actually there are many more monuments that are also available here that are actually a great replica of the rich cultural past of the ancient Indians. Tour operators take you there to the spot and bring you back to your lodges where you stay for affordable prices too.
    taj mahal

    The city of Agra is one of key tourist destinations in the whole country. Taj mahal alone pulls in almost 4 million tourists in a year, to the city of Agra. Taj mahal is a beautiful white palace made out of marble in the year 1632, by the great emperor shah jahan. Mumtaz mahal is another name of the palace. Mumtaz is actually the beloved wife of shah jahan, the great. Apart from taj mahal, we have Agra fort, fatehpur -sikri, jamma masjid and many other interesting places to visit here.

    Sightseeing the city could be made easier when you are finding the right travel agent to assist you. Some of the famous resorts out here are offering all-inclusive packages for the tourists from all over the world. If you get your bookings done well in advance over phone or mail, with these prominent properties, you are taken care royally by all means. A lot of money is saved in that way by booking in advance. Right from the hospitality and entertainment inside the facility, your safety outside during the sightseeing, will also be taken care by these hotel officials.

    Remember the fact that this part of the world could be really hot for the European visitors, especially during the summer months. It is advisable that you travel around anywhere in between the months of September till March. Climate would be pleasant to enjoy during these months.

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