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  • World News 15.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON: Both the countries (Russia and US) remain unsuccessful in resolving the Cold-War-style crisis flashed by the military intervention of Moscow in peninsular Ukrainian and Crimea’s weekend survey after connecting with the Kremlin law.
    Russia and US Failed to Mend a Wall Ahead of Crimea Vote
    John Kerry, the US secretary of state met Sergei Lavrov (his Russian counterpart) in London believing that the Moscow-backed referendum that was held on Sunday in the strategic headland of Black Seaand was actually seized by the troop of Kremlin could be postponed or obviated.

    As indicated by the US officials, the country still have expectations from Moscow that they will not take any step further in order to invade the area of around two million people out of which the major folk comprises of the Russian speakersin a move that would worsen the prevalent East-West confrontation since the fall of the Berlin Wall in the year 1989.

    After the talk of about three hours with Kerry, in a lavish US ambassador’s residence which is situated in the central part on London, Lavrov told the reporters that West and Russia still don’t have any common view regarding the matter of Ukraine by saying, “We have no common vision of the situation, Differences remain”Lavrov further added that in the result of referendum Russia would respect the will of the people of Cremia.
    Barack Obama, the US president had earlier revealed in Washington that he is in favour of some diplomatic solution via which the country can warm the Moscow of “consequences” if none was found.

    With the statement coming from the self-declared pro-Kremlin head of Crimea, who firstly called the controversial referendum,people got aware that he is in no sense expecting Russia to annex his region right away which eventually gave a hope to Western negotiators.

    While confronting the reporters SergiyAksyonovin the Crimean capital of Simferopol said, “It would take a maximum of one year,”

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