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    Who does not like tigers, the big cats? They are so adorable, even when close enough. The Royal Bengal Tiger is fierce is our national animal, and is definitely grand. When I first read The Jungle Book, as a kid, I looked down on my pet dog, because I wanted a big CAT. I knew that tigers could be easily found, but not Bagheera, so I had compromised, but I wanted one. As I grew up, I wanted to cuddle one. But, then I knew better, so spotting one at arm’s length was fair enough to me.
    Kanha National Park
    With help of few contacts, I could arrange a comfortable stay for me and my family at the Kanha National Park. As I am from the Central part of the country myself, I am quite familiar with the summers, so I very carefully chose to visit the Park during the winters. We all packed up, and moved for the Christmas holidays to Kanha. If not a reindeer, we could definitely spot a Barasingha. And the weather was pleasant, we could spot migratory birds and the delightful tigers just made our trip so worthwhile.

    The authorities shut the Park during Monsoon, because heavy rains affect security and can be hazardous. Even while we were there, when an unnatural shower started, we were escorted back to our lodge and were restricted from venturing out till it phased out. Officially the Park is open daily from the month of October to the month of June. But weather conditions have a great impact on the working hours. Right after the monsoons, the place is so lush and green. After all the times that I have visited this splendid park, I personally prefer and believe that the best time to visit the place will be from November to February.

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    In India the time period between October to December is said to be the festive season as one can experience a lot many different festivals, events happening across the country. For example Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharastra, Durga pooja in west Bengal, Id, Karwachauth in North India, Diwali across the country. Covering all the festivals would take your complete day or may be two. So, lets discover some of the unexplored or say less famous festivals of India that surely needs attention, one of such fest is a Lokranjan Festival influenced by Tribal Culture celebrated in Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh.

    Khajuraho Lokranjan festival

    The lokranjan festival is basically a folk and tribal dance carnival which is every year organised by the very talented Adivasi lok kala academy among with the involvement of state tourist department. This happens to fall every year and people especially come to India to see the same from across the globe. This year that is 2013, the fiesta will happen between December 8th to 12th. Tickets are also available which one can buy from Madhya Pradesh tourist department’s office in Khajuraho. Being one of the popular one among foreigners, it is better to get your tickets in advance.

    Objective of Lokranjan Festival:

    The motive behind celebrating this gala is an assurance towards the preservance of Indian culture and art forms, intiated by Indian Government only. Khajuraho is famous worldwide for its unique architecture and sculptures, also its an ancient town of Chandel dynasty.

    Celebrate Dance Forms:

    The Lokranjan carnival is one of the biggest draw for dance enthusiasts and tourists. People of different tribes consider this fiesta as a plaform where they can showcase their talent, unique dance forms. During these five days of merritime fills up the town with live music and dance.

    How to reach:

    To reach Khajuraho is also very easy as the town is well connected via air, rail and road. If you prefer airways then daily boeing 737 service links Khajuraho with Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Kathmandu. The nearest railway station is of Mahoba which is 64 kms from here.

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