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  • World News 01.04.2014 Comments Off

    WASHINGTON: 25 Years jail has been declared on Monday to the man who opened fire on the White House having an assault rifle with him after informing his friend’s about being in a mission from God to kill Barack Obama, the President.
    25 Years Jail for the Man who Fired Shots at White House

    The man named Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez drove more than 3,200 kilometres (2,000 miles) to the capital of US from his hometown which was in Idaho in order to carry out his November 2011 attack.

    Believing on the statement of prosecutors, the man, after telling his friend that he was “on a mission from God to take out” Obama, fired at least eight rounds at the White House. Fortunately the president and his family were on living at the White House at the time and there was no harm caused to anyone in the incident.
    This 23 years old, pleaded guilty in the month of September to weapons and terror charges. Additional to his terms in jail, he was ordered to pay the compensation for the destruction done to the White House by his attack. The amount of which is nearly $94,000.

    Ronald Machen, the US Attorney said, “This man drove cross-country to launch an assault rifle attack on the White House”. He further said, “He was motivated by hatred for the president and the desire to start a revolution against the federal government. This 25-year prison sentence demonstrates that anyone who comes to the nation’s capital planning to use violence should expect to spend decades behind bars.”

    The man (Ortega-Hernandez) was arrested by the cops in less than a week after his attack in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Justice Department revealed that Ortega-Hernandez reiterated anti-government statements beginning in 2010, describing Obama “the anti-Christ,” and “the devil” while later describing himself as a “cold-hearted warrior of God.”

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