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  • Ambassador car is the car which all the foreign nationals used to love to drive, ride when they make their visit to India. Among all the lovers, most of them were fond of the bulbous shape of car while others just do not want to miss out the opportunity of driving such an old world charm.
    ambassador car india

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    The Car was first launched by Hindustan motors in the year 1957 in India, tried to make a sedan version just like keeping mind the Oxford Morris car. It has got four doors, is perfectly suitable for Indian uneven roads. Although the Ambassador car is not very stylish by look as in current scenario consumers are getting inclined towards the look of the vehicle.

    This car is much preferred by those Indians who give priority to the durability in their vehicles. The car is primarily used by the politicians in India. Hindustan Motors currently manufactures Ambassador in its Uttarpara facility near Kolkata, West Bengal.

    The car has everything since its launch- maximum leg and luggage space, comfort, solid and sturdy body, good looks, rear wheel drive with strong mechanics. These core values of this car never died since independence, now it’s like been 51 years. Ambassador come with seating capacity of 4 people and a driver and gives a smooth ride to its occupants. It possesses air cleaner mounting bracket for trouble free life and durability, has also got a new style PU steering wheel.

    If you are visiting to India and wish to enjoy the flavor of earlier India then Ambassador Car is for you. Travel around Delhi and outstation with it, get car on rent at cars on hire India at best rates with driver.

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