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  • World News 16.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON: David Cameron, The British Prime Minister delineated the reforms of European Union on Sunday as he thinks it was necessary to stop Britain being “sucked into a United States of Europe”, ahead of the membership referendum which is scheduled to be help in 2017.

    He further declared that he would even campaign for the country to remain in the EU till the time he manages to reduce the influence of bloc in the affairs of British. It is for the first time that the prime minister outlined 7 priorities ranging from restricting the new citizen of European Union to work in Britain to limiting their rights here. He appealed to the Eurosceptic members of his party that the said changes would require patience and time. These members were demanding tough laws for the EU.

    Quoting the words of Mr. Cameron, “This is an ambitious agenda for a new European Union. Delivering it will take time and patience, as well as strong relationships with our key allies and goodwill — not shouting from the side-lines. It will require a negotiation with our European partners. Some changes will best be achieved by alterations to the European treaties. Others can be achieved by different means.”

    In order to renegotiate the complex treaties of 28-nation bloc, the reforms are achievable in spite of the ostensible absence of zeal from Britain’s EU allies. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, during her visit to London was pretty cool on the reform agenda. Similar was the case with Francois Hollande, the French President who said the change in the treaty was not in the priority list.
    British Prime Minister
    However, Cameron while outlining his priorities said that the national parliaments should work together in order to block the unwanted legislation of European Union and EU should not always look at national governments to seek power. He further said that British courts and police should operate without the interference from European institutions. Moreover the EU red tape should also not do unnecessary interference in the businesses of the country. In a way he said that he wants a Britain free from any kind of obligation.

    Cameron said, “People are worried that Britain is being sucked into a United States of Europe. That may be what some others want, but it is not for us.”However, the next referendum will be conducted only if Cameron is re-elected next year when the two other main party leaders refused to back his pledge at Westminster.

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