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  • World News 21.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON: With the announcement of Mayor Boris Johnson of investing £100 million fund in cycling to create what is being called a ‘mini-Holland’ revolution, London is seeing a vast difference in its earlier face.
    Massive Push Given to cycling in London
    Since 2001, the cycling on the main road of London has risen by 173%. Looking at this, it has being announced by the government that this number should be doubled by next decade.

    This ‘mini-Holland’ plan covers the outer boroughs of all 8 cities. They finally got the funding for transformative and substantial changes to form cyclist friendly streets. Out of these 8, three boroughs – Waltham Forest, Kingston and Enfield have been selected for complete mini-Holland status, with an amount receiving up to £30 million each.

    A series of measures are focused on creating cycle-friendly low-traffic neighbourhoods in order to improve cycling in residential areas in Waltham Forest. Moreover, a semi-segregated superhighway route will be developed.

    A major cycle hug will be formed in Kingston with the transformation of plaza outside Kingston station. There will be the introduction of new high-quality cycling routes together with a Thames Riverside Boardway.

    Enfield Town centre will entirely be reformed, with three cycle hubs distributed across the borough and separated superhighways linking key destinations.

    Johnson shared his thought on the same saying, “I have been incredibly impressed with the standard of the mini-Holland entries and by the thirst among all the finalists to transform themselves into better places for people. It has been so hard to choose between them that I have decided that all shall have prizes. Areas once terra incognita for the bicycle will, over time, become every bit as cycle-friendly as their Dutch equivalents – places that suburbs and towns all over Britain will want to copy.”

    Moreover, Kingston Council’s lead member, Councillor Simon James said, “We are delighted that our ambitious bid has been successful. Ours is a cycling vision for everyone with a blend of exciting, iconic schemes and high-quality, everyday infrastructure. Kingston already has one of the highest rates of cycling in outer London and we will be able to give even more people the opportunity to enjoy the environmental, social, health and economic benefits of living in a Biking Borough.”

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