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  • World News 14.03.2014 Comments Off

    The tremendously astonishing incident shaken up everyone that with all the technology and mechanical mastery we’ve go, an aircraft can disappear like this. As per the White House spokesman (US), a new search region for missing Malaysia Aircraft Flight 370 with 239 people on board may be extended in the Indian Ocean. Significantly streching the potential location of the aircraft, the Indian Ocean would be unchanging and consistent with the theory that the Boeing 777 may have taken a roundabout to the west towards the Andaman Sea after it took off from Kuala Lumpur en-route to Beijing last week. However the Malaysian authorities were not available to comment to specify the nature of the new detail.
    Malaysia Plane Missing
    The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane in the history of modern aviation is one of the most bizzare mysteries. Despite an intense search by dozen countries across Southeast Asia and navies, there has neither been any reliable trace nor any clue of the debris of jet. The faint electronic signals picked up by satellites failed to give no good information about where the aircraft plane was heading adding to the ambiguity and agony of the family of the passengers.

    A little light is shed on the mystery of the disappearing plane through the signals received by satellites that kind of indicated about the incident on board. The troubleshooting system transmitted by pings indicated the aircraft’s capability of communicating but this alone is not the evidence that the jet was on the ground, or in the air. The companies Boeing and Rolls-Royce involved in supplying its Trent engines had avoid to comment. Malaysian officials earlier denied that the airplane flew for hours sending technical data after losing contact with air traffic controllers.

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