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  • World News 17.03.2014 Comments Off

    As West readies sanctions, Crimea head towards formally joining Russia that could take months in the process.US reported that the votes done “under duress” will not be recognized while the EU says the vote will be contemplated as “invalid and illegitimate” under this referendum .
    Crimea to merge with Russia on Monday that the European condemn to recognize
    After voting to split from Ukraine , Crimea on Monday formally applied to join Russia as Europe was all planned to hit Moscow in the worst East-West with a wave of sanctions that stood-off since the Cold War. As per the partial outcomes from Sunday’s referendum, the huge number of 95.5 percent of voters mostly the native Russian-speaking peninsula select to secede from Ukraine.

    The amalgamation to apply to merge with Russia will begin early Monday with Crimea’s regional assembly meet. However the whole process is mired in uncertainty for a particular region that is largely dependent on the Ukraine mainland and could take few months.

    Since, the Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence from Serbia , there has been an uptight international disapproval to the vote, which could fundamentally observe the most overhauling restructuring of the map of Europe.

    European foreign ministers are apparently predicted to unfurl sanctions in Brussels on 17.03.2014 . The sanction list will include ban on visa and asset freezes against sharp figures in Moscow. However, the Russian government officials are not believed to be affected by these sanctions.

    On Sunday , US President Barack obama gave a call to Vladimir Putin-his Russian counterpart to make him clear that the the international community and United States will never recognize the referendum stating it to be under duress of Russian military intervention.

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