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    Agra and Rajasthan are two key destinations that have a lot of impressive landmarks to be visited by any tourist local or international. Yes, for locals it is a matter of pride to watch their rich cultural heritage of the past when they see the wonderful pieces of architecture. For the international tourists it is a matter of surprising tour to enjoy seeing some of the rarest artifacts in the world. Apart from that the wild life tour in Rajasthan is also cheerful by all means. You can enjoy the best during the tour as it is not like how you do visit a zoo. It is a huge corbette national park where you will be travelling in your vehicles of the safest kind such as the jeeps and trucks to go to the wild habitats of the beasts and dreaded creatures and witness them in their place. Jeep safari is available for the tourists in split schedules. You can catch up with either the morning tour or the afternoon tour. There is no night tour though. It can be potentially risky to get into the woods while the animals are potentially lethal in the dark conditions.
    safari at ranthambore park

    Bharatpur bird sanctuary
    If you have ever wondered about being in the middle of so many varieties of birds of a range of colors, then here you are in the ideal spot. Bharatpur bird sanctuary does have it all. So many varieties of birds from all over the world that are pretty, cute and interesting to watch even for hours, are available here. Time passes so fast while seeing these naturally beautiful locations. It is worth going for tour twice too. It can be really interesting and engaging in that way for the wildlife enthusiasts.
    taj mahal agra

    Return journey cannot miss out Taj mahal in Agra which is a must watch too.


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    India has many meritorious landmarks to be visited for the tourists from all over the world. Right from the Kashmir to kanya kumari there are so many interesting spots that are impeccably beautiful to watch and wonder. One of the top class bests is definitely Agra’s Tajmahal. Just closer to this place in Rajasthan, is the Jaipur City. It is one such place where you can find the life of the people out here to be so hectic and oriented too. Once upon a time the silk route to the Middle Eastern dominion was opened up from this landmark. It is why you can see so many interesting places to visit here. Amber fort is one among them.
    City Palace Jaipur

    Traders found Rajasthan to be the accessible route by land to India to plunder the rich wealth of the Indian dominion during the ancient past. They invaded the country’s different major parts through this route and ruled certain parts of it for decades together. During their reign they built some of the remarkable architectural beauties for the history to etch their names with pride. Jaipur has a lot of evidence for the historian to find interesting facts about the rulers of the ancient past from the Moghul dynasty as well as interesting facts about the famous rajputs too. The origin of the rajputs though is not from here as it is from the Nepal and Bhutan sides of the present day. They were born warriors. Many of their war weapons are found in the museums here in the Jaipur city.
    nahargarh fort jaipur

    Jantar mantar and the city palace are other interesting places to visit in the city of Jaipur. During your visit be dressed up in some of the lighter clothes as the climatic conditions here are hot. Enjoy the journey with camel rides and the elephant rides which are an exceptional way to tour the city or sightseeing the forts. Costs are not dearer to enjoy such rides in this part of the world.

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    Yes, it is indeed true. Mystery about the Bermuda triangle is nothing but the magnetic pull at the end of the day from the biggest ever bar magnet, the earth. On the contrary, here is something that is made by man. The proud aspects of the human existence in the material world are proven by the pyramids, spinx, tombs, and so on. In that way, if you look into the golden triangle you have a range of attractions that are man-made. There are huge efforts of so many individuals behind it. There were human lives that have been sacrificed in the venture.
    jama masjid old delhi

    There were biggest painter, craftsmen, artisans, masons of the world that have contributed to the making of these beautiful landmarks. Agra, to mention first, has the Tajmahal, the best of the 7 wonders of the world. People from all over the world astound about its beauty and the brilliance of the ancestors. How they were able to implement such wonderful construction without the aid of any modern day cranes, forklift trucks, scavengers, and so on. How they were able to transport such huge amount of building materials from far and wide when there were no trucks or Lorries invented yet.
    jantar mantar jaipur

    Can elephants and horses alone be so useful to the mankind when we live friendly with the other creatures existing in the world in which we live? So many lessons of such a kind is taught to us when we see things a bit closer with an eye for detail. The marbles, sand stones, tombs and many more interesting arches asks us a lot of questions. So many other important landmarks are there in Agra, Rajasthan and Delhi, and it is why travelling to these three locations as a roundabout journey will be an interesting choice altogether. Enjoy your tour and make the most out of it.

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    Golden triangle tour means covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur basically. It might take at least 5 or 6 days to complete the golden triangle tour. It is because of the so many interesting important landmarks that are covered in the tour. As you know obviously, taj mahal is one of the interesting places that in inevitable inclusion during the golden triangle tour. Similarly, there are plenty of monuments, monasteries, mausoleums, mosques, museums, and many other interesting destinations that are to be seen without fail during your tour to this part of the world. Travelling to India and touring to different parts of Indian subcontinent cannot be an expensive idea as a matter of fact.
    humayuns tomb delhi

    Especially if you are tourist from the western world you might find it to be an interesting and inexpensive tourism spot. Yet, the climatic conditions in Delhi, Jaipur as well as Agra are something that you need to ponder about. If you are travelling during the months of winter, you might be able to withstand the temperature easily. Intense cold climate during the early morning hours and in the evening dew time can be tackled easily while compared to the hottest summers here that you might have ever experienced. Yes, especially in Jaipur it is almost surrounded by desert region where you can even find the biggest forts in the world, sand dunes, and so on.
    jal mahal jaipur

    In and around Jaipur, the climatic conditions will be worse and it is adjacent to the arid desert region. Blistering heat is unbearable for some of the tourists when they come to this part of the world during the summer months of April, May and June. Hence, plan your trip accordingly so that you can enjoy the vacation to this part of the world completely. 1000 km circuit can be reached in a car with 4 to 5 hours travel from one place to the other.


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    The Mercedes Benz S class is a series of luxury sedans produced by German automaker Mercedes Benz. Since decades the car has been leader in the automotive market in the sales category of cars. The brand certainly has not only launched cars that are good to look at but also provide great performance. The S class is a luxury car range which costs between 90 lakhs to 1 crore. The vehicle is among ultra sumptuous cars that has killer looks and gives best auto efficiency show in the country.

    mercedes benz s 500

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    There are two models of the S Class Mercedes- one is S350 L and other one is S 500 L. The petrol variant of the car comes with a V6 and a V8 engine. The S350 L V6 engine comes with a displacement of 3498 cc, it is capable of delivering a maximum output of 272 bhp at 6300 rpm. The S500 L V8 engine is capable of delivering 369 bhp of power at 6300 rpm.

    Mercedes Benz S 350

    When it is Mercedes brand then the feel good emotion automatically oozes out. The seats of the vehicle comes in multi-contour design, thus, human body gets fit to it easily. There are seven massage chambers associated with the seats and also acquires automatic climate control system separate for each seat. It also has powerful air conditioning, cup holders, power windows and enough of leg room, all these features and specification make the S class most suitable and comfortable one for long journeys.

    If you are making plan for India tour by car then Mercedes Benz S class is the best car to hire. To hire the car you can contact us, we have a fleet of cars ranging from economical to luxury. Feel free to contact us or email us.

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    Toyota launched an amazing car in the series of SUVs with the tag name of Fortuner in the year 2009 in India; it is also known as Toyota SW4 which is a medium sized SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. Originally it came into existence only for Thailand but soon after it hit the market of Indonesia and other countries. In India it proved to be a runaway success from the very moment when it came for sale. The demand was so high on its arrival that Toyota had to stop the booking of the vehicle as it was taking close to six months to handover the car to customers.
    toyota fortuner

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    The main reason behind its aggressive success was its stylish body and appearance, large exterior dimensions and of course Toyota’s brand name value. This is one of the best luxury SUVs released in India and it really lives up to its promise of being a sturdy and strong car. The Toyota Fortuner is a car that is rather strong, but it is pretty pricey as making it a luxury car. The starting price of the car is Rs 22 lakh and the price goes up till Rs 23 lakhs depending upon the model you choose.
    It comes only in diesel variant which is powered by a 1982 CC, 3 L direct injection. It is available with a five speed manual transmission; also it gives the mileage of 7 kmpl if you are driving it in city and 11 kmpl on highways. The car comes in four shades black, white, grey and blue; it is really a muscular looking vehicle. If we talk about the interior of the car then it is also amazing as it possesses really spacious interior, thus provides a comfortable journey to the occupants for long journey.

    For Indian terrain, Fortuner is best suited. It is certainly a best one and one of the better SUVs available in the country. One may take a back because of its high price tag but the performance and the luxury of the car speaks for itself.

  • The Accord is the opulent series of automobile manufacturing, globally popular trademark of Honda since 1976. This has been the bestselling car since 1989 in United States, best known for its four doors sedan variant. From its initiation, the Honda has launched many variants of Accord with different body styles and is concurrently sold under the name of Honda to different regions.
    honda accord delhi

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    If we say that Accord has made a great way for brand name Honda to stay relevant in the market of India of mid size cars, then it will be not wrong. The car comes under the top class category providing great performance, which has and will never compromise on the comfort and luxury. The exterior of it is so designed that it gives the car a contemporary and sophisticated look. The electric sunroof at the top of the car gives it an edge. It comes in four colors, thus, giving choice of Alabaster Silver, Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl and Urban Titanium Metallic to its customers.

    Honda Accord has the seating capacity of 5 people including driver also. The interior roomy space is really commendable, so occupants feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their journey. It fits in a powerful engine that makes long drives alluring. This car with its impressive features gives vehicles like Toyota Camry a run for their money feel. The latest entrant to the existing Accord models is the Accord V6; it comes in a price range of Rs 20- 27.53 lakh.

    It is fitted with a 2.4 liter i-VTEC petrol engine, so it produces an amazing power of 180 PS. The engine of the car is compatible with both the manual and automatic transmissions. The difference between manual and automatic here is that manual will give average of 12.8 kmpl whereas automatic will provide 11.8 kmpl.

    If you are making a visit to India and have plan of travelling sundry places then it is advisable to hire Honda Accord. It will not only give you comfort but also offers luxury and smooth ride. We have cars for rent, you can contact us for more information.


  • Another best seller car of esteemed stables of Toyota is Camry sedan version. This luxury car came into existence in the year 1982 in other global automobile market but in India it was first launched in way back year of 2002 and since then the car is achieving continuous business growth in the market. This premium sedan has been equipped with some of the best in class comfort and other protective features, which takes utmost care of the passengers as well as of the vehicle.
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    Toyota Camry is designed in two models one is petrol and other is diesel engine. The model has seating capacity of accommodating 5 people, it contains base of 2.5 liters four cylinder which produces 178 HP and 170 pound feet of torque while the 3.5liters gives 268 HP and 248 torques. The automatic six speeds is an amazing feature of the car which offers power to front wheels.

    The fuel efficiency of this model is 12.1 kmpl , now the advance version of the car has improved the fuel efficiency of vehicle by 11%. The exteriors and the interiors of the car have been changed in order to make the car slightly fresher, so as to improve the sales that the older model of Camry had. The interiors focus on passenger comfort. The car has automatic climate control, 10 cd changer audio system, and two choices of seat fabric skins. The seats are electrically powered as well.

    On the safety point of view, Toyota Camry possesses all the safety measures for passenger’s protection. It has front and rear crushing zones, airbags for driver and person sitting next to driver. The seatbelt warning alarm buzzes as standard, has unique brake system, handbrake, the front and standard rotors to maintain the safety of all the occupants.

    If anyone visiting India and wish to travel India by car, then it is wise to hire a car. To hire a car with luxury, power and comfort, Toyota Camry is prudent to choose. Cars on hire India offers this car at best rates, call us anytime for more information and booking.

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    Toyota has always been a well known brand as one of the top manufacturer of luxury and economical cars in the world. The company has launched several easy on pocket car models to the automobile market. Many individuals prefer Toyota over other brands for its elegance and features. In case you are planning to buy a new car in the near future, going for Toyota cars can be a great idea.
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    Keeping close watch on the Indian buyers and consumers preference, Toyota launched a fine design with the tag Etios on it in the year 2011 in the Indian automobile market. And without any surprise the model got a lot of attention and positive response from end users. The motive behind launching Etios is to offer innovative styling, great interior space, superb mileage and comfortable ride at best rates. This caters all the basic needs of the market with a plush style, also giving highest quality at competitive prices.

    The signature of “bold simplicity” of Etios given represents the blend of its amazing functionality and budget oriented luxury. Toyota specifically designed this model for Indian roads by developing advanced technology and superior quality features. The car has got sedan look with enough luggage space. It has seating capacity of accommodating 5 people, gives good leg space making smooth traverse. The comfy seat backs and luxurious foam seats provide extra comfort so that you can go for a long journey.

    At the safety and security front also, Etios is best. Enough of safety measures are attached with the car so that you can enjoy a safe and secure drive on the road. The electronic brake installed in the car helps you to control the brakes while you are driving. The power steering gives a sharp turn without any much of effort.

    If you are coming to India and wish to hire car to travel around then Toyota Etios is one of the best options to go with. To hire the car you can log on to our website at Carsonhire India, this car will add value to your much valuable tour to India.

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    Honda has launched many car models in the market but out of the entire name that proved itself as boon to Honda is Honda City. The car is the main reason behind the success of the brand in India; it’s a premium luxury car which is ruling above all the other sedans. Earlier the launch of the city was only limited to Japanese, Australian and European markets from year 1981 to 1994. In 1996 the nameplate revived and it became available for the Asian markets too.
    honda city car
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    Features and Specifications:
    The Honda city consists of aerodynamic design that makes the car stable and gives all the comfort to the travelers. The clearance from ground is good enough, so the ride is always smooth. The framework of this car is robust and this provides added safety. This vehicle combines a modern design for the exterior with select features for the cabin. This vehicle comes within a price range of 8.5 to 10 lacs.

    The car possesses 1.5l engine with 4 cylinders thus making it powerful, the fuel efficiency of it is 16.8 kmpl when you use gearbox. The options like 5 speed manual and automatic gearbox using paddle shift both are available with this variant of Honda. The seating arrangement has been made inside the cabin keeping comfort in mind. The seats have been cushioned well and are wrapped in premium leather fabric. The headroom and the legroom, for the passengers in the front are greatest. The luggage space in this car is spacious.

    At the safety point of view the Honda city is loaded with several measures. In front of car there are dual air bags which protects the driver and person sitting in front from any damage in case of some accident. Pretension seat belts also available thus are making all the occupants safer than others. Anti lock brake system is in addition to electronic brake which makes it one step ahead to safety features.

    If you are planning to visit India and want a smooth ride with luxury then Honda city is very good option to go with. Hire the car and enjoy your tour to India but before making any payment make sure that you are aware of all the charges included in the rates like toll taxes, state tax, parking charges and more.


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