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  • World News 23.03.2014 Comments Off

    As per the police the naturally preserved embalming and drying body of a 51 year old woman was found at her Buenos Aires home in Argentina by a neighbor who had not seen her for more than 10 years. Fontana is believed to have died at the age of 51.The old woman named Maria Cristina Fontana died from aneurysm complications and lay unidentified as neighbors and other near-by residents say they did not hear or sense anything peculiar. While making lifeless, her remains with skin tissue preserved by shrivel were being analyzed thoroughly to identify the time the body left the soul.
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    The time and circumstances of the death of Maria Cristina Fontana were being studied with skin tissue preserved by drying .Coroner’s office in a report revealed that with the complications from aneurysm that had been operated on in 1990, Fontana is believed to have died at age of 51.The procedure of natural mummification can occur in hot and dry weather.

    Maria Cristina Fontana was on medication and disabled as disclosed by the forensic data. Split into the apartments with separate entrances, she lived in the lower unit of a house. But what is more astonishing is that no family member of hers ever reported of her expiration and no one even ever spoke of foul smell. It’s a mystery that nobody knows anything about her.
    The body was discovered by her neighbor Marcela Calvete, who came to the apartment expecting that it was uninhabited and with the deliberation of claiming property rights by un-occupancy.

    Previously also in January, another mummy of an elderly woman was found wrapped in a sheet at a home in Buenos Aires. Her 58-year-old son had also been found dead around a month before his exploration by police after neighbors reported a strange smell. A landlord was also found dead who had lived for a decade with the corpse of his mother, established on a stool in the kitchen of their home.


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