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  • World News 08.04.2014 Comments Off

    Australian search crews looking out for any leads of the lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 have not come out with any definite clue which could be followed objectively. The flight on its way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China was lost on March 8 with 239 persons on board. Faint signals from the plane’s black boxes (cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder) that were heard by the US equipments towed by ‘Ocean shield’ on late Saturday and early Sunday could not be effectively traced, said Angus Houston, the retired Air Chief Marshal of Australia who leads the search operations off the Australia’s west coast.
    MH370 missing

    The black boxes which are battery operated can send beacon signals for about a month only and the possibility to trace them has faded as the search operations are nearing a month, the crew reported. Houston however held that the search team would continue to look out for any weak signals from the beacon till the possibility of the battery assumed dead is established before the crew. The crew plans to deploy a submarine on board Ocean Shield to look out for any debris of the wrecked plane on the sea floor identified as the probable area. Australian government however had hinted the deployment of ‘Bluefin 21’ automatic submarine on Tuesday!

    Houston admitted that tracking the faint signals again is critical for objective demarcation of the search area and only then can the submarine be deployed for secondary search operations. He called it as a Herculean task and said it going to be a time taking task given the wide expanse to be covered in a deep ocean region. Amid the excitement created from the signals trace, Houston appeared optimistic and “very hopeful” as regards the search results in near future.

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