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  • India Tours 18.01.2014

    Yes, it is indeed true. Mystery about the Bermuda triangle is nothing but the magnetic pull at the end of the day from the biggest ever bar magnet, the earth. On the contrary, here is something that is made by man. The proud aspects of the human existence in the material world are proven by the pyramids, spinx, tombs, and so on. In that way, if you look into the golden triangle you have a range of attractions that are man-made. There are huge efforts of so many individuals behind it. There were human lives that have been sacrificed in the venture.
    jama masjid old delhi

    There were biggest painter, craftsmen, artisans, masons of the world that have contributed to the making of these beautiful landmarks. Agra, to mention first, has the Tajmahal, the best of the 7 wonders of the world. People from all over the world astound about its beauty and the brilliance of the ancestors. How they were able to implement such wonderful construction without the aid of any modern day cranes, forklift trucks, scavengers, and so on. How they were able to transport such huge amount of building materials from far and wide when there were no trucks or Lorries invented yet.
    jantar mantar jaipur

    Can elephants and horses alone be so useful to the mankind when we live friendly with the other creatures existing in the world in which we live? So many lessons of such a kind is taught to us when we see things a bit closer with an eye for detail. The marbles, sand stones, tombs and many more interesting arches asks us a lot of questions. So many other important landmarks are there in Agra, Rajasthan and Delhi, and it is why travelling to these three locations as a roundabout journey will be an interesting choice altogether. Enjoy your tour and make the most out of it.

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