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  • World News 25.03.2014

    LONDON:Geoge Mallory’s ice axe which he used in his Everest expedition in the year 1922 is on sale and Britishers are trying their level best to save it from leaving shores of Britain.It auction of the axe was recently announced by Christie.
    Geoge Mallory's Everest trek axe on sale
    The 1st serious attempt to climb the Everest was held in 1922. During the mission, Mallory with Howard Somervelland Major Edward Norton set the 1st altitude record on Everest on May 21, 1922. They reached a height of 26,800 feet, without the use of any supplementary oxygen.

    His, another attempt with partner Andrew Irvine was on June 8th, 1924 when he covered a height of 26,700 feet on Everest. Momentarily they were seen about 1,000 feet below the summit after which the monsoon clouds moved in and both of them disappeared forever. It was in 1933 that his axe was found andMallory’s body was discovered in 1999.

    They left an unsolved question in the records of History, whether Irvine and Mallory climb Everest before Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary?
    In the view of UK’s mountaineering community, Mallory’s axe being the part of British history’must be kept in Britain’. The community is worried that it will be bought by the US buyer.
    After when he disappeared on Everest, it is believed that Ruth, his wife donated a few of his equipment to the Pinnacle Climbing Club – the first women’s climbing club. It was formed at a time when mountaineering was very much a male preserve.Nancy Carpenter, a pioneering mountaineer (with a few routes in the Scottish Highlands and Alps to her credit) and an early member of the club got the possession of the axe.
    Nancy moved to Matterdale End in the Lake District, in her 80’s, where she actively encouragedWilliam, the son of her neighbours (a family from Threlkeld)formountaineering and Lakeland fells and gave him the axe in order to save his money to buy for an ice axe. She told his the story behind that axe to make him realize how much importance that axe hold, but unfortunately he was killed in 1985 in a traffic accident. After which his family decided that the most appropriate place for the axe was National Mountaineering Exhibition.

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