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  • Wondering what are the best places to shop in India? Well we have brought to a list of best places to shop in India. Well shopping in India can very exciting for travellers coming to India but people from different parts of India are also very excited to visit famous markets of other places. Below give is the list of India’s best places to shop.

    1. Delhi – National Capital of India

    Delhi is a place full of markets all around and people visiting Delhi for the first time go crazy visiting these markets. Walking down the street you may find amazing artefacts from all most parts of the country.
    Best Markets of Delhi are
    • Chandni Chowk
    • Karol Bagh Market
    • Khan Market
    • Connaught Place

    2. Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Being one of the most famous destinations of foreign travellers, Pink City- Jaipur inhabits amazing markets all across the city.
    Famous Markets
    • Jauhari Bazaar
    • Bapu Bazar
    • Markets near all the major tourists spots

    India shopping destinations

    3. Goa, the party capital of India

    Goa is one of the hottest destinations of India and when it comes to shopping, it is heaven for people. Must see markets of Goa
    • Arpora Saturday night Bazaar
    • Mapusa street market

    4. Kerala, God’s Own Country: Best markets of Kerala are at the road side near all the major tourists spots.

    5. Nainital, Uttarakhand: Famous Markets are

    • Tibetan Market
    • Barra Bazaar
    • Bhotia Bazaar

    6. Bangalore- Silicon Valley of India: Famous Markets are

    • Commercial Street
    • Brigade Road
    • Malleswaram Market

    7. Kolkata- Land of Sweets: : Famous Markets are

    • Dakshinapan Shopping Center
    • The Forum Mall
    • Chowringhee Road

    8. Mumbai- Fashion Capital of India : Famous Markets are

    • Colaba Causeway
    • Chor Bazaar
    • Linking Road
    • Crawford Market
    • Fashion Street

    9. Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Famous Markets are

    • Mannadi Street
    • Angappa Naicken Street
    • Linghi Chetty Street
    • Thambu Chetty Street
    • Sembudoss Street
    • George Town / Burma Bazaar

    10. Pune, Maharashtra: Famous Markets are

    • Deccan Gymkhana
    • Laxmi Road
    • Bajirao Road
    • Mahatma Gandhi Road (M.G. Road)
    • Fashion Street
    • Tulsi Baug
    • Mahatma Phule Mandai (Market)

  • India Tours 22.01.2014 Comments Off

    When you are travelling by bus from Delhi you can reach Shimla just in the afternoon. Yet, a travel for about 7 hours or so in the bus could be tiring and hence, it is better to just chill out for the day in the hotel. The next day will be ideal for sightseeing. Sankat Mochan Temple is a must visit to begin with your tour. Next comes in the Indian institute of advanced studies facility. There is a lot of information that you can gain in this campus. Jakhu temple is also a must visit next.
    Mall Road Shimla

    There are plenty of shops to roam in the evening along with the many other fellow tourists that will be actively shopping as well. Manu temple, vashisht village and the hadimba devi temple as well as the Tibetan monasteries are important some places to be visited too. While going to manali, kulu is another important place that you can spend some wonderful time.
    Rohtang Pass Manali

    Scenic vistas around are a rare something to enjoy during your tour to himachal Pradesh.  the Tibetan monastery, the bhagsu nath temple are wonderful destination to be seen here in the mc leodganj. From there to reach the dollhouse or dharmasala it is about 145 kms of travelling altogether. Chamba town is a must visit here. Khajjiar is one interesting spot where you can enjoy the natural panoramic beauties of the Indian dominion as a whole. Being in India if you have not spent time in seeing the exotic spots of such a kind then you must be really wasting a lot of time without enjoying your life. Get real and come out of the monotonous routines to enjoy life touring to some interesting destinations around the world. Himachal Pradesh can be one of the best coolest destinations of choice in that way.

  • India Tours 21.01.2014 Comments Off

    Agra and Rajasthan are two key destinations that have a lot of impressive landmarks to be visited by any tourist local or international. Yes, for locals it is a matter of pride to watch their rich cultural heritage of the past when they see the wonderful pieces of architecture. For the international tourists it is a matter of surprising tour to enjoy seeing some of the rarest artifacts in the world. Apart from that the wild life tour in Rajasthan is also cheerful by all means. You can enjoy the best during the tour as it is not like how you do visit a zoo. It is a huge corbette national park where you will be travelling in your vehicles of the safest kind such as the jeeps and trucks to go to the wild habitats of the beasts and dreaded creatures and witness them in their place. Jeep safari is available for the tourists in split schedules. You can catch up with either the morning tour or the afternoon tour. There is no night tour though. It can be potentially risky to get into the woods while the animals are potentially lethal in the dark conditions.
    safari at ranthambore park

    Bharatpur bird sanctuary
    If you have ever wondered about being in the middle of so many varieties of birds of a range of colors, then here you are in the ideal spot. Bharatpur bird sanctuary does have it all. So many varieties of birds from all over the world that are pretty, cute and interesting to watch even for hours, are available here. Time passes so fast while seeing these naturally beautiful locations. It is worth going for tour twice too. It can be really interesting and engaging in that way for the wildlife enthusiasts.
    taj mahal agra

    Return journey cannot miss out Taj mahal in Agra which is a must watch too.


  • India Tours 20.01.2014 Comments Off

    The royal Indian cats which is a symbol of pride, is seen in different kinds here in this part of the world. Rajasthan wild life tour cannot be complete without seeing the tigers and lions of the ferocious kind. Wildlife enthusiasts make sure not to miss this wonderful tour to Rajasthan. You can see the animals in their natural habitat and get to know about their lifestyle. You can see crocodiles, wild foxes, deer, elephants, boars, and so on. The hilly ridges as well as the cool water bodies such as the lakes, rivers as well as grasslands are also here in this part of the world despite being closer to the desert region. Grasslands can be witnessed in the landscape too. Yes, it is an all in one zone that is a must visit to enjoy everything right from the grasslands of the savannah to the big sand dunes of the Rajasthan desserts.
    ranthambore national parkranthambore national park

    Corbett national park visitors usually prefer to stay in the jungle lodge to enjoy the wild surrounding atmosphere all around. It is a creepy feel for some while it is completely safe for sure. Visiting the park is usually done in jeeps. Complete security is guaranteed though for the visitors during the sightseeing tour.
    corbett national park

    Ultimate touring experience in car to see the wildest beasts and a range of dreaded reptiles quite casually in act, is a memorable experience altogether for anyone. Do not miss it. Get your bookings done right now to enjoy some of the ultimate best touring experience. Children will certainly enjoy the tour in special. You can show them how the real animals look which they might have seen only in televisions and books. It can entice and motivate them to know more about them when it comes to their studies. Kindling the interests of the children in the positive manner without thrusting the need to get educated is easily done with such interesting activities.

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    India has many meritorious landmarks to be visited for the tourists from all over the world. Right from the Kashmir to kanya kumari there are so many interesting spots that are impeccably beautiful to watch and wonder. One of the top class bests is definitely Agra’s Tajmahal. Just closer to this place in Rajasthan, is the Jaipur City. It is one such place where you can find the life of the people out here to be so hectic and oriented too. Once upon a time the silk route to the Middle Eastern dominion was opened up from this landmark. It is why you can see so many interesting places to visit here. Amber fort is one among them.
    City Palace Jaipur

    Traders found Rajasthan to be the accessible route by land to India to plunder the rich wealth of the Indian dominion during the ancient past. They invaded the country’s different major parts through this route and ruled certain parts of it for decades together. During their reign they built some of the remarkable architectural beauties for the history to etch their names with pride. Jaipur has a lot of evidence for the historian to find interesting facts about the rulers of the ancient past from the Moghul dynasty as well as interesting facts about the famous rajputs too. The origin of the rajputs though is not from here as it is from the Nepal and Bhutan sides of the present day. They were born warriors. Many of their war weapons are found in the museums here in the Jaipur city.
    nahargarh fort jaipur

    Jantar mantar and the city palace are other interesting places to visit in the city of Jaipur. During your visit be dressed up in some of the lighter clothes as the climatic conditions here are hot. Enjoy the journey with camel rides and the elephant rides which are an exceptional way to tour the city or sightseeing the forts. Costs are not dearer to enjoy such rides in this part of the world.

  • India Tours 18.01.2014 Comments Off

    Yes, it is indeed true. Mystery about the Bermuda triangle is nothing but the magnetic pull at the end of the day from the biggest ever bar magnet, the earth. On the contrary, here is something that is made by man. The proud aspects of the human existence in the material world are proven by the pyramids, spinx, tombs, and so on. In that way, if you look into the golden triangle you have a range of attractions that are man-made. There are huge efforts of so many individuals behind it. There were human lives that have been sacrificed in the venture.
    jama masjid old delhi

    There were biggest painter, craftsmen, artisans, masons of the world that have contributed to the making of these beautiful landmarks. Agra, to mention first, has the Tajmahal, the best of the 7 wonders of the world. People from all over the world astound about its beauty and the brilliance of the ancestors. How they were able to implement such wonderful construction without the aid of any modern day cranes, forklift trucks, scavengers, and so on. How they were able to transport such huge amount of building materials from far and wide when there were no trucks or Lorries invented yet.
    jantar mantar jaipur

    Can elephants and horses alone be so useful to the mankind when we live friendly with the other creatures existing in the world in which we live? So many lessons of such a kind is taught to us when we see things a bit closer with an eye for detail. The marbles, sand stones, tombs and many more interesting arches asks us a lot of questions. So many other important landmarks are there in Agra, Rajasthan and Delhi, and it is why travelling to these three locations as a roundabout journey will be an interesting choice altogether. Enjoy your tour and make the most out of it.

  • The most luxurious and the superfast trains to Agra are ideal to enjoy the journey as a whole with the family members to spend a day in overwhelming happiness. Needless to say about the exciting places that are surrounding Agra and also the interesting landmarks on the way to Agra and in Agra as well. Taj mahal is the most supreme choice of all that and the world knows it. It is in the banks of river Yamuna. All the four sides of taj mahal are just alike. Hence, you will just feel like you are seeing the same side all the time. Fresh breeze hits you from the closes water body and it is a nice feel during the summer in essential.
    same day taj mahal tour

    The image of the shadow of the Taj mahal in the river Yamuna is something that is quite amazing and wonderful. The thought out creativity in the creators has to be appreciated at any given day. It is why millions of tourists flurry in even now to enjoy and surmise about the flabbergasting piece of architecture. Fatehpur skiri is one another monumental beauty spot. It is actually a whole city which is constructed deliberately to showcase the pride and richness of the ancient MoghulEmpire.

    Rulers of the ancient past here boasted about their rich pride, culture and heritage in a subtle manner with their noble creations of this kind. It is why they are etched in our memories all until now. People born and die and their identity is eroded in the mud. Only a few such remarkable people in the history are remembered for ever by the whole of the human kind that is coming even after centuries together and it is just because of what they had left for the upcoming generation. Role models of such a kind teach us a lesson about life. It is why visiting such places are important by all means.

  • India Tours 11.01.2014 Comments Off

    Golden triangle tour means covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur basically. It might take at least 5 or 6 days to complete the golden triangle tour. It is because of the so many interesting important landmarks that are covered in the tour. As you know obviously, taj mahal is one of the interesting places that in inevitable inclusion during the golden triangle tour. Similarly, there are plenty of monuments, monasteries, mausoleums, mosques, museums, and many other interesting destinations that are to be seen without fail during your tour to this part of the world. Travelling to India and touring to different parts of Indian subcontinent cannot be an expensive idea as a matter of fact.
    humayuns tomb delhi

    Especially if you are tourist from the western world you might find it to be an interesting and inexpensive tourism spot. Yet, the climatic conditions in Delhi, Jaipur as well as Agra are something that you need to ponder about. If you are travelling during the months of winter, you might be able to withstand the temperature easily. Intense cold climate during the early morning hours and in the evening dew time can be tackled easily while compared to the hottest summers here that you might have ever experienced. Yes, especially in Jaipur it is almost surrounded by desert region where you can even find the biggest forts in the world, sand dunes, and so on.
    jal mahal jaipur

    In and around Jaipur, the climatic conditions will be worse and it is adjacent to the arid desert region. Blistering heat is unbearable for some of the tourists when they come to this part of the world during the summer months of April, May and June. Hence, plan your trip accordingly so that you can enjoy the vacation to this part of the world completely. 1000 km circuit can be reached in a car with 4 to 5 hours travel from one place to the other.


  • India Tours 07.01.2014 Comments Off

    Agra is one inevitable place to be visited during your tour to India. One of the world wonders is here and it is obviously the Taj mahal. Actually there are many more monuments that are also available here that are actually a great replica of the rich cultural past of the ancient Indians. Tour operators take you there to the spot and bring you back to your lodges where you stay for affordable prices too.
    taj mahal

    The city of Agra is one of key tourist destinations in the whole country. Taj mahal alone pulls in almost 4 million tourists in a year, to the city of Agra. Taj mahal is a beautiful white palace made out of marble in the year 1632, by the great emperor shah jahan. Mumtaz mahal is another name of the palace. Mumtaz is actually the beloved wife of shah jahan, the great. Apart from taj mahal, we have Agra fort, fatehpur -sikri, jamma masjid and many other interesting places to visit here.

    Sightseeing the city could be made easier when you are finding the right travel agent to assist you. Some of the famous resorts out here are offering all-inclusive packages for the tourists from all over the world. If you get your bookings done well in advance over phone or mail, with these prominent properties, you are taken care royally by all means. A lot of money is saved in that way by booking in advance. Right from the hospitality and entertainment inside the facility, your safety outside during the sightseeing, will also be taken care by these hotel officials.

    Remember the fact that this part of the world could be really hot for the European visitors, especially during the summer months. It is advisable that you travel around anywhere in between the months of September till March. Climate would be pleasant to enjoy during these months.

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