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  • Goa Tour 18.10.2013 Comments Off

    When its Goa then it needs no introduction. Why? Because the place is a self explanatory, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe, it is undoubtedly exotic, fascinating and portrays an unique picture of itself that makes it a different habitat from rest of the country. The place possesses beautiful beaches to splendid basilicas.

    For those who have never been to Portuguese culture effected city of Goa can take a look of Goa through our sight and vision. Scroll to see what Goa has in its bag to give to its admirers. Well, there are motley bunch of great spectacles and experiences present to offer.

    As Couple’s Destination:

    Clear your apprehensions if you have in your mind that the place is not for couples. It is a perfect paradise for pairs, companions and friends to spend some quality time together, to enjoy activities. Even sitting ideal at beach for hours and admiring the beauty of sunset is another mesmerizing experience. Rented bikes, cars are available, get one and fly with the wind.

    Goa possesses many amazing beaches like Bagga, Anjuna, Panjim and many more. No end for couples to enjoy here, all you need is to spread your wings and fly. Get more Goa packages.

    Goa shopping Market

    Shopping Site:

    Goa is dotted with sundry markets like night markets, local bazaars, flea shops to peddle and you will get amazed with the fact that each one of them are more interesting that other. One of such ultimate destination is Anjuna beach’s ingo market which is said to be a perfect bowl of salad of great things and people. Once can savor here a hippie culture in addition, live bands, tattoo, food, clothes, handmade crafts and much more.

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