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    Mahindra Xylo is known for its style and comfort launched by Mahindra and Mahindra in India as the most soothing multi-utility vehicles. It has gained name because of its easy seating and smooth wonder riding experience by travelers. One might recall the name of the car by its aggressive ads done for its special slogan of “Happy legs“. Xylo provides a spacious room for leg stretch even at back seats which makes people comfortable. Also the point to be noted here is that it is different in look when compared with other MUVs of similar price range. The price of it ranges between 7 to 10 lakhs depending upon the model of the car.
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    Xylo is a huge car which easily accommodates 5 people with one driver. You can also carry up luggage as it gives enough space to dump baggage. The car possesses a powerful engine of 2000 CC; such a powerful engine will give you easy ride even on hops and bumpy raw roads of India. The ground clearance of the MUV is very good.

    With the strong technical features, Mahindra Xylo has got stylish body and plays as the symbol of luxury. If you are planning to buy one MUV then this is advisable to have of your own.

    Anyhow in case you are planning to visit India and looking forward to cover maximum parts by road then we would recommend Xylo for hiring. As it’s relaxed smooth ride will make trip more memorable. Before hiring the car make sure that you have talked about rental charges prior to making payment. It is very important to understand that what all the rental charge includes like fuel, toll taxes. Check upon whether you will be provided with first aid kit or not in the car.

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    Toyota innova came into existence as a new offering to India and other countries from the Japanese model Innova in place of popular Qualis. The Toyota innova took birth as a replacement of Qualis in year 2005 in the Indian Terrain.
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    If we take up the statistics and facts of automobile’s market, we can easily make out that every month on an average the car makes a sale of approx 5000 units. Like any other leading automotive company, Toyota has always affirmed with confidence the continuous success growth rate of Innova in India. And the higher authority of the organization says that this car will always acquire a good position even in massively competitive period of time.

    Toyota Innova is one of the most demanded vehicles in Indian belt. It can easily accommodate 4 -5 people with driver, has got enough of space to settle luggage. The interior design of it is so beautifully been built that makes your travelling much comfortable than other car models. Along with comfort space, you will find huge leg space; it is not just the comfort that is associated with it but also great safety measures which makes it a very good choice for travelling longer distances. Altogether we can say that it’s a perfect MUV.

    With an engine of almost 2500cc you will be able to get a great drive anywhere in India. Other technical features of Toyota make it a much demanded vehicles. Keeping in mind the road condition of India, the ground clearance has been given as 170mm and turning radius of 5.4 m which simply makes the four wheeler exceptional. One can get a comfortable journey with smooth drive with all the safety measures. So, to hire a Toyota Innova in India is totally recommended.

  • When we talk about the manufacturers of economical and luxury cars, one of the names that mostly hit our minds at first place is of Tata. The company has launched several easy on the pocket car models in a span of few years and has given a new direction to automobile industries. As per the current scenario, most of the individuals prefer Tata cars to buy over other brands. We recommend the same brand to people who wish to get a car for themselves in near future.

    Tata Indigo:

    Indigo is a premium car model of Tata and spreads a great style statement; it makes a perfect companion for travelling on Indian roads. So, in other words we can say that if you are planning to visit India then Tata Indigo is a fine choice to hire for travelling.

    tata indigo

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    This sedan car can easily accommodate 3 to 4 people with driver and also this model gives enough space to load your luggage. If you see the facts, you will realize that the car is the highest booked four wheeler in the market. The vehicle has got 1400 cc engine which helps it to cover up long distances comfortably. The sedan shape makes it more contented and gives a smooth traverse.

    Additionally, Indigo possesses a 160mm of ground clearance which makes it easy to go with bumpy roads. The interior of the car is so designed that it makes you to feel light all the time. So, when you are going to hire a car you are supposed to look at many things. Do ask for the points mentioned above and also make sure whether the cost of fuel is inclusive or exclusive in the total charge. Confirm these particulars before making final booking.

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