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  • Holy Places India 03.11.2013

    Buddhism is considered as one of the important religion of the world.The main purpose of a pilgrimage is to learn about their religion and discover more about it. Buddhism pilgrimage encourages people to travel and communicate with other Buddhists to exchange ideas on spiritual tales and opinions about life.

    Buddhism pilgrimages are beneficial as they are lead by monks. They stand as the living examples of the teachings and determines the purpose in the mission of the Buddhists. Such pilgrimages gives an opportunity to practice meditation during the trip. Buddhism is considered as a living tradition. So pilgrimages should travel to a place where the predominant religion is Buddhism.

    lord buddha

    The four famous places of buddhism pilgrimage are Lumbini, Bodhgaya, sarnath and kushinagar. Each destination has a unique identity and offers several attraction for tourists that are based on stories related with birth and progress of buddhism religion in India. Lumbini is considered as the birth place of Buddha. Bodhgaya is a place where prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment under a bodhi tree and became Buddha. Sarnath is the place where he delivered his first sermon and finally Kushinagar is the place where the Lord Buddha took his last breath. Besides these four major destinations, there are many other places that hold special meaning in the life of Lord Buddha.

    bodhgaya temples

    You Can Visit This Temple by This Tour in India

    Through these pilgrimage travels one can learn its culture, rituals, teachings, devotional practices, education laid by the communities. With the help of pilgrimage trips, one can experience the different cultures and life style of a particular community. By making such kind of trips, an appreciation is cultivated for intellectual and spiritual growth of Buddhas teachings. So it is necessary to observe the thoughts with a open heart to experience the journey on a Buddhism pilgrimage trip and to know about the life of Lord Buddha.

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