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    Honda has launched many car models in the market but out of the entire name that proved itself as boon to Honda is Honda City. The car is the main reason behind the success of the brand in India; it’s a premium luxury car which is ruling above all the other sedans. Earlier the launch of the city was only limited to Japanese, Australian and European markets from year 1981 to 1994. In 1996 the nameplate revived and it became available for the Asian markets too.
    honda city car
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    Features and Specifications:
    The Honda city consists of aerodynamic design that makes the car stable and gives all the comfort to the travelers. The clearance from ground is good enough, so the ride is always smooth. The framework of this car is robust and this provides added safety. This vehicle combines a modern design for the exterior with select features for the cabin. This vehicle comes within a price range of 8.5 to 10 lacs.

    The car possesses 1.5l engine with 4 cylinders thus making it powerful, the fuel efficiency of it is 16.8 kmpl when you use gearbox. The options like 5 speed manual and automatic gearbox using paddle shift both are available with this variant of Honda. The seating arrangement has been made inside the cabin keeping comfort in mind. The seats have been cushioned well and are wrapped in premium leather fabric. The headroom and the legroom, for the passengers in the front are greatest. The luggage space in this car is spacious.

    At the safety point of view the Honda city is loaded with several measures. In front of car there are dual air bags which protects the driver and person sitting in front from any damage in case of some accident. Pretension seat belts also available thus are making all the occupants safer than others. Anti lock brake system is in addition to electronic brake which makes it one step ahead to safety features.

    If you are planning to visit India and want a smooth ride with luxury then Honda city is very good option to go with. Hire the car and enjoy your tour to India but before making any payment make sure that you are aware of all the charges included in the rates like toll taxes, state tax, parking charges and more.


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    The Maruti has launched one of the best sedan models in 2008 with the name tagged as Swift Dzire. Dzire is actually the sedan version of normal Maruti swift. In the past 5 years the dzire has seen lot of variations and updates; it continues to be in demand all these years across the country. The Maruti has come up with a variety of changes in the features as well. The price rate ranges in between 5 to 8 lacs.
    swift dzire

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    Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is available with two engine options; one can either get a petrol engine car or diesel engine car. The engines are so powerful that they easily powers the hatchback as well, the K series engine with 1.2l is capable of giving around 19 kmpl as mileage in petrol model and this is undoubtedly the greatest one among sedan version; Whereas if we talk about the diesel one then it had got engine of 1.3l which is more powerful than 1.2l.

    The car comes in 7 colors- Arctic White, Silky Silver, Glistening Grey, Clear Beige, Pacific Blue, Bright Red and Midnight Black. The fro9nt view of Dzire is exactly same as Swift, it comes under the category of sedan but it is a compact one, not as long as other sedan cars. In the car 4 people can easily accommodate with one driver. Enough space is there to load the luggage. The car is advisable for long trips as it provides relaxed and smooth journey. Enough of leg space is given thus making it more comfortable for everyone.

    If you are coming to India then Swift Dzire is recommended for hiring and to travel around. But before hiring the car please make about all the charges associated with the rental services like toll taxes, car parking, state tax and more.

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    Mahindra Xylo is known for its style and comfort launched by Mahindra and Mahindra in India as the most soothing multi-utility vehicles. It has gained name because of its easy seating and smooth wonder riding experience by travelers. One might recall the name of the car by its aggressive ads done for its special slogan of “Happy legs“. Xylo provides a spacious room for leg stretch even at back seats which makes people comfortable. Also the point to be noted here is that it is different in look when compared with other MUVs of similar price range. The price of it ranges between 7 to 10 lakhs depending upon the model of the car.
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    Xylo is a huge car which easily accommodates 5 people with one driver. You can also carry up luggage as it gives enough space to dump baggage. The car possesses a powerful engine of 2000 CC; such a powerful engine will give you easy ride even on hops and bumpy raw roads of India. The ground clearance of the MUV is very good.

    With the strong technical features, Mahindra Xylo has got stylish body and plays as the symbol of luxury. If you are planning to buy one MUV then this is advisable to have of your own.

    Anyhow in case you are planning to visit India and looking forward to cover maximum parts by road then we would recommend Xylo for hiring. As it’s relaxed smooth ride will make trip more memorable. Before hiring the car make sure that you have talked about rental charges prior to making payment. It is very important to understand that what all the rental charge includes like fuel, toll taxes. Check upon whether you will be provided with first aid kit or not in the car.

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    Toyota innova came into existence as a new offering to India and other countries from the Japanese model Innova in place of popular Qualis. The Toyota innova took birth as a replacement of Qualis in year 2005 in the Indian Terrain.
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    If we take up the statistics and facts of automobile’s market, we can easily make out that every month on an average the car makes a sale of approx 5000 units. Like any other leading automotive company, Toyota has always affirmed with confidence the continuous success growth rate of Innova in India. And the higher authority of the organization says that this car will always acquire a good position even in massively competitive period of time.

    Toyota Innova is one of the most demanded vehicles in Indian belt. It can easily accommodate 4 -5 people with driver, has got enough of space to settle luggage. The interior design of it is so beautifully been built that makes your travelling much comfortable than other car models. Along with comfort space, you will find huge leg space; it is not just the comfort that is associated with it but also great safety measures which makes it a very good choice for travelling longer distances. Altogether we can say that it’s a perfect MUV.

    With an engine of almost 2500cc you will be able to get a great drive anywhere in India. Other technical features of Toyota make it a much demanded vehicles. Keeping in mind the road condition of India, the ground clearance has been given as 170mm and turning radius of 5.4 m which simply makes the four wheeler exceptional. One can get a comfortable journey with smooth drive with all the safety measures. So, to hire a Toyota Innova in India is totally recommended.

  • When we talk about the manufacturers of economical and luxury cars, one of the names that mostly hit our minds at first place is of Tata. The company has launched several easy on the pocket car models in a span of few years and has given a new direction to automobile industries. As per the current scenario, most of the individuals prefer Tata cars to buy over other brands. We recommend the same brand to people who wish to get a car for themselves in near future.

    Tata Indigo:

    Indigo is a premium car model of Tata and spreads a great style statement; it makes a perfect companion for travelling on Indian roads. So, in other words we can say that if you are planning to visit India then Tata Indigo is a fine choice to hire for travelling.

    tata indigo

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    This sedan car can easily accommodate 3 to 4 people with driver and also this model gives enough space to load your luggage. If you see the facts, you will realize that the car is the highest booked four wheeler in the market. The vehicle has got 1400 cc engine which helps it to cover up long distances comfortably. The sedan shape makes it more contented and gives a smooth traverse.

    Additionally, Indigo possesses a 160mm of ground clearance which makes it easy to go with bumpy roads. The interior of the car is so designed that it makes you to feel light all the time. So, when you are going to hire a car you are supposed to look at many things. Do ask for the points mentioned above and also make sure whether the cost of fuel is inclusive or exclusive in the total charge. Confirm these particulars before making final booking.

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    India, the land of rich heritage and culture magnetises every tourist with its vivid tranquillity. The land of eternal deserts, inexplicable rain forests, glittering beaches, gigantic mountains, dramatic temples, spirited cities and the Indian. India has conferred with rich natural exquisiteness that impart to its serenity. The immaculate beaches, the pleasing hill stations, the cosmic deserts, the unique & heavenly pilgrim destinations, historical monuments, modern structures and from boat rides on still backwater to snow covered mountains; India is a land of never-ending opportunities for travellers who wish to discover the best of India.
    dal lake srinagar
    Explore India with us:

    Kashmir Tour

    Kashmir is termed as the heaven of India. In other words, it is the paradise on earth. The Dal Lake is the favourite spot for many tourists. The beautiful apple orchards, white snow covered mountains, picturesque shikaras on the immaculate lakes & vivid flowers, all look like nature’s own wall-hanging. Moreover, Kashmir is also known as “City Of Temples”. You can also move around some of the famous shrines like Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, and Peer Baba shrine at Satwari.


    It will be a great summer destination for travellers who love paintings, art, and portraits. Apart from these, the place is also a platform for various shopping marts. You can buy the famous Pashmina carpets, shawls, and chain-stitch rugs form emporiums.

    Ooty :

    Wondering for any summer vacation destination? Then this would be the right place. If you have a likeness for green valleys and high mountain peaks, then you can choose this destination. Ooty is otherwise known as “Queen of hill stations”, and is an attractive picnic spot. Moreover, Ooty is also the residence of the famous Blue Mountains,”Nillgiris.”


    Goa is a merger of architecture, colonial wonders, royal forts and beaches. You can also tell it as the land of sun & sand. It is very popular among international tourists for its unique lifestyle and culture. You can either plan for a leisure trip or honeymoon trip.

    Kerala :

    It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the south. It attracts travellers all across the world. The state is endowed with amazing natural beauty & distinctive culture. You can also experience the Ayurveda resorts, backwaters & cultural events in Kerala. However with the help of different Kerala tour packages, you can easily enjoy your trip.


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    Who does not like tigers, the big cats? They are so adorable, even when close enough. The Royal Bengal Tiger is fierce is our national animal, and is definitely grand. When I first read The Jungle Book, as a kid, I looked down on my pet dog, because I wanted a big CAT. I knew that tigers could be easily found, but not Bagheera, so I had compromised, but I wanted one. As I grew up, I wanted to cuddle one. But, then I knew better, so spotting one at arm’s length was fair enough to me.
    Kanha National Park
    With help of few contacts, I could arrange a comfortable stay for me and my family at the Kanha National Park. As I am from the Central part of the country myself, I am quite familiar with the summers, so I very carefully chose to visit the Park during the winters. We all packed up, and moved for the Christmas holidays to Kanha. If not a reindeer, we could definitely spot a Barasingha. And the weather was pleasant, we could spot migratory birds and the delightful tigers just made our trip so worthwhile.

    The authorities shut the Park during Monsoon, because heavy rains affect security and can be hazardous. Even while we were there, when an unnatural shower started, we were escorted back to our lodge and were restricted from venturing out till it phased out. Officially the Park is open daily from the month of October to the month of June. But weather conditions have a great impact on the working hours. Right after the monsoons, the place is so lush and green. After all the times that I have visited this splendid park, I personally prefer and believe that the best time to visit the place will be from November to February.

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    While travelling in India, sometime we are not able to carry that outfit which we comfortably do in our house. This is because still major of Indians thinking is very limited, they think that if women wear western dress then they are killing our culture and don’t belong to good family. Guys this is true, and my personal opinion is to wear covered dress while travelling in India. This may reflects that I am old fashioned or conservative, may be but I am telling this due to my experience and listening people advise on dress. We can’t change their narrow mind but by dressing Indian apparel we must be safe in this country. Believe me or not here if we dress soberly then people will pay respect to us and carry good impression about us. Women often face molestation in our society due to their dressing style. Western dresses are considered as offensive to society and it also give men the intention that women are ready for any type of sexual treat.
    indian dresses

    I used to wear jeans and kurti or long top while I travel. These are safe and comfortable but while I was traveling to my village then I carried salwar suit. Therepeople think that jeans are for men and all girls should wear salwar suits. If I have dressed any western outfit then many people would have been blamed my mother and thinks that I have been spoiled and lack dressing sense. India is not that country where we can dress freely. Depending on place dress changes such as in metro Politian city Delhi and Mumbai all girls comfortably carry any type of outfits without any hesitation. But in some interior areas of India, women don’t even take off palus from their head. So before going anywhere in India just gathers knowledge about their basic dress code and travel that place without any humiliation.

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    The best part of British rule in India is their most useful invention- Train. As India is one of the populated country in world and problem of road traffic is increasing day by day and airlines services is not affordable to everyone, in this rail service is like blessing to common people. Train journey is comfortable, economic and exciting. Across India, there are more than hundred types of trains based on location and cost of fare. A standard long distance Indian train includes approximately 24 coaches or boogies. Every boogie has its name for the convenience of passengers. As per cost of ticket, coaches are divided into general class (unreserved); sleeper class and Air Conditioned (AC) class both are reserved. There is also VIP class with some extra facility for respected persons. For big luggage brake van is attached at the back of each train. Indian Railway System also provides pantry car with the help of which meal, snacks, coffee, tea and food are served inside train by taking extra money from passengers.
    india trains

    Non-stop trains of India are Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express and Janshatabdi Express. Except Janshatabdi Express both includes all coaches of AC and in cost of ticket food is offered at our seat. Rajdhani meaning is “capital” and it is for Delhi and some reputed cities. Shatabdi meaning is “centenary” and it connects many significant cities of country. Shatabdi is super-fast day train which doesn’t include any sleeping berth. Duronto are faster than Rajdhani and are overnight non-stop train. Janshatabdi also include non-AC coaches and price of fare is less than other non-stop trains. For the sake of students and people who don’t have capability to pay AC fare can enjoy AC journey in Garibrath train at the price of non-AC fare. Metros and monorails are for metro cities of India and are for city transport. Passenger and fast passenger trains are of low-priced and stops at many stations.

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    Himachal Pradesh situated in northern part of India is famous for its magnificent hill stations such as Shimla, Dalhousie, Kullu, Kasauli, Manali, Chali and Kurfi. Himachal Pradesh is covered in snow most of the time. Himachal is particularly cool in summer and due to this it is most likeable spot for summer holidays. Other seasons are also favorable for visit such as in winter, many people leave for Kullu to attend Dussehra celebration, spring season of Himachal is pleasant and quiet and in monsoon entire Himachal looks green and white. Every season has its own beauty in Himachal but this place is crowded by tourist in summer and thus rated as best time to visit Himachal. This time is perfect to beat sun heat because in summer when entire nation is experiencing above 44 degree Celsius but in Himachal temperature merely touches to 38 degree Celsius.

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    While my summer trip to Himachal, I too experienced the pleasant and soothing climate of Himachal. I visited Shimla, Dalhousie, Khajjiar and Chamba because these places are best in summer. My 1st experience of Shimla toy train ride, Dalhousie trekking and Khaijjiar zorbing was thrilling. I enjoyed shopping the handicrafts and fabrics of Shimla. Dalhousie is famous for its healthy atmosphere because healthful climate of Dalhousie cured tuberculosis of Subhash Chandra Bose. Dalhousie Punjabi and Chinese foods were one of its kinds. Himachal every part includes varieties of temples due to this it is known as “Devbhumi”-Land of Gods. While traveling only four places I got chance tobow head in many temples. Each temple was of ancient times and depicts the architectural brilliance of Mughals and Hindus. Khaijjiar was like a paradise and people say that its beauty doubles in summer and may be due to this it is called as mini Switzerland. There was greenery all around and perfect for do-nothing vacation. River-rafting was one of the adventure attractions in Chamba.

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