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  • Hotels in India 11.04.2014 Comments Off

    Well, if the beauty lies in nature, then Cochin is the most beautiful city of the world. With full of green trees and soothing atmosphere the city ranks as one of the best tourist spots. If you haven’t visited the paradise of South India then hurry up and visit it soon.

    Hotel pearl continental:
    It is a 3 start hotel situated at Cochin. It is a beautiful city with amazing surroundings. One of the best places to live your vacation in this city is the Pearl Continental. It is a luxury hotel that provides high standard hospitality. All the staff members are well trained. It is easily accessible from the railway station as it just 3 Km away from the station. It has great, premium and holiday suites. The main attraction of this hotel is the Cochin Fort and harbour.

    Ann’s Residency:
    If you love luxury and grand facilities then Ann’s Residency is the ultimate place for you. It is located at the heart of Cochin and gives a stunning view of the entire city. You can easily visit St. Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica Church, Chinese Fishing Nets and Indo Portuguese Museum from this hotel.

    Ramada Resort:
    Ramada Resort is a huge 5 star luxury hotel that is situated at the side of beautiful Lake Kumbalam. It almost builds on 8 acres field and has 42 big rooms including some lake facing cottages and amazing deluxe rooms. You will certainly have LCD TV, coffee maker, Wi-Fi connection, mini bar and many more things.

    Le Meridien Cochin:
    This grand hotel is just 10 minutes away from the Kumbalam Railway Station. It is the best 5 star property of Kerala that can amaze you with its unique beauty. Deluxe & Club Rooms and Executive & Honeymoon Suites, you will get a chance to stay in any kind room. All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities.

    Holiday Inn Cochin:
    If you have a fixed budget then you can book your rooms in Holiday Inn. It is the best budget hotel offering restaurant, bar, TV, gym and many entertainments.

  • World News 10.04.2014 Comments Off

    WASHINGTON: The question which is there in the mind of almost every individual who follows the US politics, when asked by the media person on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said that she was in the process of thinking about running for president in 2016.
    Hillary and Bill Clinton
    She appeared in San Francisco at a marketing conference, Clinton, broadly well-thought-out the Democratic front-runner if she enters the race. In the conference she was asked “What’s your plan? Are you going to do it? You can announce it here if you’d like.” For which she answered, “I’m actually here trying to get some marketing advice.”

    Appearing at a marketing conference in San Francisco, Clinton, broadly well-thought-out the Democratic front-runner if she enters the race, was asked by an interviewer: “What’s your plan? Are you going to do it? You can announce it here if you’d like.”

    “I’m actually here trying to get some marketing advice,” Clinton quipped, before adding: “I am obviously flattered and deeply honoured to have people ask me and people encourage me. She quipped, before adding: “I am obviously flattered and deeply honoured to have people ask me and people encourage me.”

    She further said, “Part of it is because the hard questions are not: “Do you want to be president? Can you win? The hard questions are why. Why would you want to do this and what can you offer that could make a difference?”

    Earlier the lady, who was defeated by President Barack Obama in the rivalry for the 2008 nomination of Democratic presidential, said that it was a period of political dysfunction which the United States was experiencing.

    Clinton, who served as secretary of state in the first term of Obama said, “I saw it from afar when I was secretary and it was disheartening and even embarrassing to see people arguing about letting us default on our debt, really, and things that were just so beyond the pale,” she further said, “You had to ask yourself what kind of country do they really want … What is their plan? What is their vision? So if you’re going to compete in this arena, you have to be able to put forth your purpose and vision.”

    Hillary Clinton, the one who is giving speeches countrywide ever since she left the State Department, i.e. last year, repeatedly bounces questions about her ambitions of being a president. She said she bearing in mind a White House attempt, but she has still not decided on it, and will decided before the end of 2014. Clinton said, “I’m not going to make a decision for a while because I’m actually enjoying my life. I’m actually having fun.”

  • World News 08.04.2014 Comments Off

    Australian search crews looking out for any leads of the lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 have not come out with any definite clue which could be followed objectively. The flight on its way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China was lost on March 8 with 239 persons on board. Faint signals from the plane’s black boxes (cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder) that were heard by the US equipments towed by ‘Ocean shield’ on late Saturday and early Sunday could not be effectively traced, said Angus Houston, the retired Air Chief Marshal of Australia who leads the search operations off the Australia’s west coast.
    MH370 missing

    The black boxes which are battery operated can send beacon signals for about a month only and the possibility to trace them has faded as the search operations are nearing a month, the crew reported. Houston however held that the search team would continue to look out for any weak signals from the beacon till the possibility of the battery assumed dead is established before the crew. The crew plans to deploy a submarine on board Ocean Shield to look out for any debris of the wrecked plane on the sea floor identified as the probable area. Australian government however had hinted the deployment of ‘Bluefin 21’ automatic submarine on Tuesday!

    Houston admitted that tracking the faint signals again is critical for objective demarcation of the search area and only then can the submarine be deployed for secondary search operations. He called it as a Herculean task and said it going to be a time taking task given the wide expanse to be covered in a deep ocean region. Amid the excitement created from the signals trace, Houston appeared optimistic and “very hopeful” as regards the search results in near future.

  • World News 06.04.2014 Comments Off

    The son of a rich man, Peter Matthiessen, who lived his whole life at his own principles leaving the life of ease in favour of spiritual and physical challenges created such commended works as At Play in the Fields of the Lord and The Snow Leopard died on Saturday at the age of 86.
    Peter Matthiessen
    Matthiessen was the co-founder of one of the most influential literary magazines “The Paris Review” also won the National Book Awards for his spiritual account of the Himalayas “The Snow Leopard” and for “Shadow Country”. “In Paradise”, his new novel is scheduled for publication on Tuesday.

    He was a leading environmentalist and an awesome writer, he encompassed the paramount and most awful that nature could bring him whether enduring a hurricane in Antarctica, parrying sharks in Australia or trekking across the Himalayas.

    In the year 1960, he became Zen Buddhist and later became a Zen priest. Born in 1927, in New York, Matthiessen was the son of a wealthy conservationist and architect, Erard A. Matthiessen

    In one of his creation he once wrote “There’s an elegiac quality in watching (American wilderness) go, because it’s our own myth, the American frontier, that’s deteriorating before our eyes,” Another beautiful line he once wrote. “I feel a deep sorrow that my kids will never get to see what I’ve seen, and their kids will see nothing; there’s a deep sadness whenever I look at nature now.”

    Mostly all his fiction work ranging from Bone by Bone to At Play in the Fields of the Lord bequeathed a lion-like aura upon tragic when exploited, dangerous when provoked and nature grand when respected.

    He did three marriages; the most recent one was in 1980 with Maria Eckhart. He didn’t have any kid from his last marriage though he had four kids, two from his earlier two marriages.

    His former novels were short and cautious efforts Raditzer and Partisans, Race Rock which structures a well-off young guy who confides “his ignorance of human misery.” While having short of money he also wrote for such magazines as Holiday and Sports Illustrated.

  • World News 05.04.2014 Comments Off

    WASHINGTON: As told by the company’s spokesperson to AFP on Friday, it is for the first time that the license is being issued by the govt. of United States allowing the company to do business with Iran which was prohibited since 1979.
    Boeing to sell in Iran
    It is for the limited period of time that the license is being given to Boeing on a note that the company will provide only those spare parts that are for safety purposes. The spokesperson said that Boeing is still not allowed to trade new planes to Iran. He further added that the US treasury department granted the license on a conditional basis in the context of a temporary deal between Iran and world powers over its nuclear program which was signed in November.

    Another company named General Electric indicated at the end of February that it had also requested approval to sell spare airliner parts to Iran, but it has not received any response so far.

    The European nations and United States, with an aim of pressurizing Tehran to reduce permanently, or at least long term, imposed severe economic sanctions on the country recently. They are trying all reduce all the scopes to make it extremely difficult for Iran to perform any nuclear activity in order to develop nuclear weapons, although the concern country has always died any such ambition.

    In the month of January, the sanctions were partially lifted, after the country agreed to stop a part of its contested program.

    There is a negotiation going on between Tehran and West on a decisive agreement which would assure that the nuclear program of Iran will be peaceful, and would eventually lead to all consents being lifted.

    As the reverberation of the 1979 Islamic revolution, Washington always severed diplomatic relations with Iran.

  • World News 04.04.2014 Comments Off

    WASHINGTON: A suspected serial killer condemned of assaulting a teenage girl to death, was executed in Texas on Thursday. It was performed after his challenge was rejected by the federal appeals court, over the drugs to be used in his lethal injection.
    The state’s Department of Criminal Justice announces that the suspect, Tommy Lynn Sells aged 49 was pronounced dead at 6:27pm CDT at a state prison in Huntsville, Texas after receiving a lethal dose of drugs. He didn’t make any final statement.
    Tommy Lynn Sells
    He was the fifth person executed in Texas and fifteenth in the United States this year. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, this state executes more people than any other in the nation

    The Supreme Court of US denied his last appeals just about an hour before the execution, which says that there were chances of the case being different if only the state were using a drug never before used or unheard of, with completely unknown effectiveness, which actually was not the case. After the denial of the stay, attorneys Jonathan Ross and Maurie Levin said in the statement for Sells, “Without transparency about lethal injections, particularly the source and purity of drugs to be used, it is impossible to ensure that executions are humane and constitutional,”

    According to the documents of court Sells was sentenced of stabbing a girl aged 13 years and a murder attempt to a 10-year-old girl in 1999 on New Year’s Eve at the home of Del Rio, the man who owed him money for drug.

    The documents of courts show that Sells entered Rio’s house with the intention of sexually assault the girl who was sleeping on her bunk bed. He stabbed her multiple times and eventually slashed her throat, killing her after when she awoke. He further slit the throat of the girl who was sleeping in the top bunk, a 10-year-old. The girl managed to walk to the neighbour’s house for help after Sells fled.

    Believing multiple media reports, the culprit confessed to nearly 70 murders, since he was 16 years old.

    After the re-establishment of the death penalty in 1976 by US Supreme Court, Texas has executed 513 people.

  • World News 03.04.2014 Comments Off

    HOUSTON: A member of Congress said that around 4 people were killed and 14 were injured after the gunman opened fire at Fort Hood on Wednesday, inciting a huge police response and shutting down the sprawling Army base. It reminded the deadly rage carried out by an officer who twisted in his fellow soldiers in 2009.
    14 Injured in Fort Hood Shooting
    As per the release details from the officials at Fort Hood the gunman seems to be one among the dead. Reports of the shooting sent a number of federal, state and local law enforcement officials rushing to the base in Killeen, Tex., similar to what was done in Nov, 2009. In San Antonio, the spokeswoman for the FBI said, “Agents in that office were part of the response on Wednesday.”

    The chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, Republican of Texas, Representative Michael McCaul, said that around 4 people including the gunman died in the attack and he further added that the suspect is been identified by the system as Ivan Lopez though the motive is still need to be cleared. The suspect was wearing an Army uniform though it is to be detected whether he was on active duty that time.

    In the words of President Obama in Chicago, “We are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. We’re heartbroken something like this might have happened again.” He describes this act of shooting as fluid situation that Pentagon and White House officials were diligently following.

    Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “That many questions remained but that their focus was on supporting the victims and their families. This is a community that has faced and overcome crises with resilience and strength.”

    In an interview with KCEN, an NBC affiliate a man who would only identify himself as Tyler described the incidence as, “It was like if you went into a room and turned on the lights — all the bugs just scattered”. He further said that he saw children, women and men were being escorted out of the building at gun point. The incidence was unfolded around 4:30pm at a medical support building on the base.

  • World News 02.04.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON: After when a single bullet fired by a young British shooter killed six Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, he became the toast of the armed forces. It was confirmed by the military of defence that the army sniper (20 years old) killed 6 fighters of Taliban using a single bullet by aiming to hit the trigger switch of a suicide bomber’s vest.
    Taliban Fighters killed Taliban Fighters killed 

    The happening as described by the commanding officer of 9/12 Royal Lancers, Lt Col Richard Slack is that Afghan’s and British troops were confronting 20 Taliban fighters. A 20-year-old lance corporal from the Coldstream Guards, the assassin, shot a would-be suicide bomber from nearly 850 metres. Being aimed at the vest of an Afghan suicide bomber, a single bullet killed him and quite a few men around him, after the detonation of the explosive vest. The incidence took place in Kakaran, southern Afghanistan, last December. As said by the MOD, the incidence has come to lime light recently.

    “The Taliban fighter was wearing a vest. He was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch. He had a shawl on. It rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun. They were in contact and he was moving to a firing position. The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded. There was a pause on the radio and the sniper said, ‘I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber’. The rest of them were killed in the blast.” said by Slack.

    The same assassin shot a Taliban machine gunner also who was at a range of 1,340 metres. There was one more suicide vest with a weight of 20 kg of explosives found nearby. As per the reports he was having a L115A3 long-range rifle.

    It was described as the “state-of-the-art weapon used to locate and eliminate enemy activity” by The Ministry of Defence.

  • World News 01.04.2014 Comments Off

    WASHINGTON: 25 Years jail has been declared on Monday to the man who opened fire on the White House having an assault rifle with him after informing his friend’s about being in a mission from God to kill Barack Obama, the President.
    25 Years Jail for the Man who Fired Shots at White House

    The man named Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez drove more than 3,200 kilometres (2,000 miles) to the capital of US from his hometown which was in Idaho in order to carry out his November 2011 attack.

    Believing on the statement of prosecutors, the man, after telling his friend that he was “on a mission from God to take out” Obama, fired at least eight rounds at the White House. Fortunately the president and his family were on living at the White House at the time and there was no harm caused to anyone in the incident.
    This 23 years old, pleaded guilty in the month of September to weapons and terror charges. Additional to his terms in jail, he was ordered to pay the compensation for the destruction done to the White House by his attack. The amount of which is nearly $94,000.

    Ronald Machen, the US Attorney said, “This man drove cross-country to launch an assault rifle attack on the White House”. He further said, “He was motivated by hatred for the president and the desire to start a revolution against the federal government. This 25-year prison sentence demonstrates that anyone who comes to the nation’s capital planning to use violence should expect to spend decades behind bars.”

    The man (Ortega-Hernandez) was arrested by the cops in less than a week after his attack in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Justice Department revealed that Ortega-Hernandez reiterated anti-government statements beginning in 2010, describing Obama “the anti-Christ,” and “the devil” while later describing himself as a “cold-hearted warrior of God.”

  • World News 31.03.2014 Comments Off

    LONDON:As a new finding, a minimum of nearly 44000 primary school kids were recorded to have gain access to pornographic website in a single month alone. As per the records every 1 in 35 of 6 to 11 year olds in UK is going online and talking about under 16’s, the figure is about 2 lakhs i.e. 1 in 16 youngsters of that age group went online in the same month.
    British School children Being Advance in Accessing Porn Online
    The Authority for Television on Demand (“ATVOD”) published a report via video on demand regulator and provided the most convincing and authoritative pictures yet established the children’s exposure to porn.ATVOD gave a call to the government to take a serious action in this regard to protect kids from the exposure to hard-core porn online. The action of these kids were been tracked by their laptops or desktops in December, 2013.

    When talked about the under 18 boys, 1 in 5 of them was found clicking on the porn websites from their Personal computer and an adult site which serves unrestricted, free access to thousands of hard-core porn videos – that attract nearly 112000 of the teenagers.

    There are many free (unrestricted access) and unregulatedoffshore adult services to hard-core porn with no age restriction which includes 23 out of 25 porn sites are easily accessible from the UK. Technology and techniquesapproximately analogous to those used to measure TV audiences were deployed, having a 45,000 UK internet users panel.

    ATVOD chair Ruth Evans said, “We do not advocate censorship. There is nothing in the ATVOD Rules which interferes with the right to provide sexually explicit material to an adult online. But pornography is a product which is produced and designed for use by adults, not children. The law requires that UK on demand services keep such material out of reach of minors and we are committed to ensuring that UK providers of video on demand services comply with the statutory rules. But we have no control over services that come from outside the UK.”

    The finding disturbed nearly 43% of the parents who have parental controls installed on the netbook; laptopor PC’s used by their children at home.

    More than 9 million people in the UK accessed an adult website at least once from a PC or laptop in December – one in four of those in the UK who went on-line by that route. They spent more than 1.4 billion minutes on the sites, averaging 15 minutes a visit and typically spending two and a half hours over 10 visits.

    In order to protect children from such sites Atvod said there should be the change in laws. It said, “Sites that did not comply with legislation by carrying out age checks should be forbidden from processing payments from British customers”.

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